How Infrared Light Helps Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

By | May 10, 2019 | , , | Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening

Infrared light therapy is an effective way for rejuvenating and healing your skin. Studies show that strong light is absorbed by mitochondria and stimulates the collagen production which is the building block of skin structure. The light and heat boost blood circulation, providing more nutrients and blood to your skin. Red light therapy is risk-free, milder which does not hurt, cut or burn your skin. Scientifically proven skin benefits of infrared light are cellulite reduction, acne scars reduction, wrinkle reduction, and healing psoriasis. Infrared light is suitable for all skin types and most body areas including the thighs, abdomen, hands, upper arms, and neck, forehead, crow’s feet, chin.

Studies show that infrared light can give you remarkable cellulite reduction. Most common areas cellulite effects are stomach, thighs, and, etc. It can cut down the circumference of individually treated areas such as the hip, waist, and legs. When infrared light is absorbed by the body, it improves health and skin and helps the body to break down fat more effectively and faster. Researchers concluded from studies that absorption of infrared light by mitochondrion chromatophores decrease cellulite, reduce weight and improve blood lipids. Body’s physiological response to infrared light includes an increased flow of blood and sweat production and improved circulation. Exposure to infrared light can significantly advance anti-cellulite programs.

Infrared light penetrates the tissue under the surface of the skin, and it doesn’t affect the top layer of skin. Infrared light therapy for skin is one of the most broadly utilized worldwide. Red light therapy for skin tightening is most non-invasive with least side effects which can treat skin ailments including hyperpigmentation, age spots, uncanny redness, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Infrared light therapy for cellulite reduction and skin toughening is FDA approved. Infrared light therapy involves professional skin tightening machine which reduces cellulite and stretch marks providing you a younger looking, smooth surface.

Recommendations to follow if you are thinking to take infrared light therapy for skin tightening and cellulite reduction:

  • Primarily consult a dermatologist before you try any treatment. You should be aware of the working and possible impacts of the treatment on health.
  • Clean the treatment area before every session. Proper cleansing will help the perfect percolation of red light on the problem area.
  • Typically, the exposure of infrared light rays can be for 90 seconds on the skin. It can be a maximum of 20 minutes per seating. Per seating timings may differ depending on the technique used.
  • You should understand the severity of skin problems for fruitful results. You can regulate the intensity of therapy and fix the daily sessions twice thrice in a week accordingly.

Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy:

  • Strengthens cellular structure
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase the suppleness of skin
  • Skin tightening
  • Reduce Scars
  • Boost cell turnover
  • Boost collagen production
  • Detoxification
  • Skin rejuvenation

Low-level laser or laser lipo machine can dramatically enhance skin tightening and reduce cellulite if you have tried massage, detox, exercise, anti-cellulite gel or any anti-cellulite treatment. Infrared light is proven to decrease overall body circumference measurements of upper arms, thighs, waist, and hips. Recent studies demonstrate the effectiveness of infrared light with long-term results. Infrared light is proven to boost elastin and collagen production. Infrared light improves lymphatic drainage crucial to any anti-cellulite treatment to prevent swelling. Many people are amazed to know that cellulite almost diminishes after a few infrared light treatment sessions. You can experience noticeable results after just one treatment.

Infrared light improves the production of ATP, i.e. adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the source of energy for every cell of the body. Enhanced production of ATP enhances the functionality of brain, body and contributes to better health. Many professional skin tightening machines involve infrared light for cellulite removal and skin tightening. Vela shape is a handheld device. This technique used infrared light to reduce fat layers and shape the body. It is a combination of mechanical massage and infrared therapy. It increases the lymphatic drainage reducing the actual size of fat chambers and fat cells. It helps your body wash away fat cells from it.

Another example is the laser lipo machine. Its benefits include fat reduction, cellulite reduction, boost metabolism, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation, body contouring, tight and toned skin. Laser lipo treatment is safe, non-invasive and has no side effects. It involves low-level light. The laser light penetrates deeper into the skin surface and stimulates the membranes of fat cells altering their permeability. Lipo laser machine consists of the use of highly sensitive light to dissolve fat deposits. The energy released from the laser breaks the fat cells to publish their rich material. This is eliminated by the body through the normal process. It leads to permanent fat loss.

Other devices are:

Infrared handheld massager: infrared light therapy combined with vibration massage contributed to a significant reduction of fat thickness.

Anti-cellulite gel and red-light therapy: effectively reduce cellulite and tightens the skin.

Infrared sauna for cellulite: many people use this treatment it for weight loss. Infrared light and exercise regularly with infrared sauna treatment.

Infrared light waves cause fat cells to dump their contents and process and release the expelled fat causing:

  • Increased energy and metabolic activity
  • Boost lymph system activity to aid weight loss
  • Increase skin elasticity and skin radiance
  • Increased collagen production for skin rejuvenation
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Quick and effective lipolysis of fat cells for weight loss
  • Significant reduction in waistline


Infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin than other non-invasive treatments. When it penetrates at a deeper level, it jump-starts the production of collagen and circulation which improves the skin quality. Infrared light has shown positive results for body contouring and fat loss across several clinical studies. It is non-invasive and safe treatment to improve the looks and overall health. When your body is exposed to infrared light, your skin absorbs it, and in turn, it helps the cells to perform at optimal levels.