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Motivation is crucial to ensure success and allow a tolerable migration outside of the comfort zone. With the correct motivation and support, you can move mountains. However, motivation must go deeper than just saying, “you can do it!”. What is key is that it is the right type of motivation from the right source. When you receive motivation/advice from a person who has been in the exact same situation, it can help you put things in perspective and see what can be accomplished with hard work. In this world, where people are constantly racing from one task to the next, utilizing the advice of someone who has lost the weight and can help you repeat that success is key. The same thing applies to investments, job seekers and successful career mentors.

Since this is a health blog, we wanted to bring you the top 50 health and fitness bloggers from across the web that can help be a catalyst for positive change in your body. One of these people can help you through the process of building a healthier, happier you.

1. Natalie Jill:

A fighter against fat and F.A.T. “False Aggravating Truths,” Natalie is helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle. After Natalie was 40, overweight and broke, she used fitness to change her mentality and her life and now she considers it her mission to help other people achieve what she has achieved. She aspires to make a healthier world. Besides focusing on fitness, Natalie also helps people in building and following a healthy diet.

Find her at: https://www.nataliejillfitness.com/
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2. Cassey Ho:

If you are in search of someone who can help you with proper posture alignment, while building core strength and muscle balance, Cassey Ho is the trainer for you. Cassey Ho – with her huge follower base on social media platforms – helps people through informative blogs, videos, how-to’s, and personal stories that can motivate you on another level. The challenges that her website is famous will push you to the limits and help you achieve your goals.

Find her at: http://www.blogilates.com/
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3. Audrey Johns:

As the name of her website www.loseweightbyeating.com suggests, Audrey’s specialty is assisting you in losing weight without curtailing your diet. Her own recipes helped her slim down from a size 20 to a size 4. Audrey is the person you need if you want to lose weight and are hesitating to join the gym. Audrey is an avid cook and a weight loss blog owner. With her blogs, she has helped people lose weight by eating healthy. Visit her website to find a huge collection of health-friendly and delicious recipes and weight loss tips.

Find her at: https://www.loseweightbyeating.com
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4. Daniel Segars:

Daniel and Kelli Segars are an ideal couple for every person who dreams of being healthy, having a healthy relationship and a healthy family. This couple aims to make fitness accessible and approachable for everyone at affordable prices. Using workout videos, workout regimens and meal plans, the Segars have been transforming the health of people worldwide.

Find them at: https://www.fitnessblender.com/
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5. John Berardi:

In 2003, John Berardi and Phil Caravaggio started a mission to give a healthy and joyous life to people. They also wanted to help thousands of professionals across the world deliver this to their own clients. If you are tired of reading diet books and referring to training plans that cut your diet, then you need to check out John Berardi’s blog. He comes up with a research-driven and health-oriented online community aptly named www.precisionnutrition.com. Professional education, nutrition, health coaching, and the ProCoach Nutrition software on the website are a gateway to entering a healthy lifestyle.

Find him at: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/
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6. Juli Bauer:

Juli Bauer is your one-stop solution for all your fashion, fitness, beauty and travel questions. Juli has been running her website from Denver and is helping women all over the world with their problems. A food-obsessed lady, she helps you laugh through her blogs and inspires you to cook your own healthy and delicious food at home. She calls herself a food hoarder as she loves eating.

Find her at: http://paleomg.com/
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7. Chris Freytag:

Through her website, Chris gives you good fitness, diet, and lifestyle tips. With blogs that provide insight on things like getting the best summer body, as well as challenges such as the 28-day veggie challenge, Chris has been extending a knowledge for a healthy lifestyle and happiness to people worldwide. So, if you want to look sexy in the jeans you bought last weekend or look years younger by regaining your health, Chris has the information to reach your goals.

Find her at: https://gethealthyu.com/
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8. Lee Hersh:

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lee started blogging in college and with time it evolved into a food and lifestyle website. A recipe creator, food blogger, and an avid traveler, Lee’s website has some intriguing blogs that can prove useful in improving your lifestyle. Lee has is helping women transform themselves through recipes, clothing tips and overall health advice.

Find her at: https://fitfoodiefinds.com/
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9. Ross Enamait:

For all gym rats, if you are in search of the right trainer, then Ross Enamait is the person you are looking for. He has been a trainer and a coach for over 15 years. He firmly believes in the idea that it is not necessary fitness can translate from one athlete to another. His website www.rosstraining.com helps you with personal training that your body customized to meet your body’s needs.

Find him at: http://rosstraining.com/
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10. Mark Sisson:

A living inspiration, Mark was a professional marathoner and a triathlete in his early life. Now he is a fitness sage at a young 64. Just a glance at his physique at 64 will be enough to inspire you to invest some time on listening to what he has to say to improve your health and physical appearance.

Find him at: https://www.marksdailyapple.com/
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11. Kristen and Jennipher:

From a single blog to online episodes, Kristen and Jennipher, the certified fitness professionals, are reaching the masses every month through the Fit Bottomed World. Pioneering the body-positive movement, they inculcated the blogs based on ‘no-diet approach for being healthy’ wherein they imbued their personal experiences. Their idea of ‘fit bottom comes in varied shapes and sizes’ made the readers crave for just another blog which emphasized ‘you are more valued than the number on a scale’.

Find them at: https://fitbottomedgirls.com/
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12. Krista:

12 Minute Athlete is for those fitness freaks who have developed numerous misbeliefs about workout regimens and diet plans. Breaking them, Krista shares quick tips and workout plans for fitness enthusiasts. Claiming the key to getting fit and healthy is to consistently believe in what you do, Krista reveals that short but intense workouts with basic equipment, along with a healthy meal will suffice to stay fit. It is not required to preoccupy yourself with getting a nutritional diet and cutting down on food. The website does treat you with motivational and informative lifestyle blogs, along with new workout plans thrice a week.

Find her at: https://www.12minuteathlete.com/
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13. Flavia:

Being a registered nurse backed with a strong sports history, Flavia fell prey to an unhealthy lifestyle by eating junk and fast food due to her full-time career. Realizing the weight gain, she joined a gym and lost weight. It was an on and off process until she got interested in nutrition. Hence, she developed a strong nutrition background by taking up the courses. She made healthy food choices with exercise and witnessed the transformation. Now, she aims to pull women from the anxiety and internal clash and help them to select a healthy lifestyle and bring the best amongst themselves.

Find her at: http://www.flaviliciousfitness.com/
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14. Nia Shanks:

With blogs aiming at a no-nonsense and simple approach to fitness, Nia is changing the fitness idea for women. She aims to provide fitness with simple and encouraging training programs, which fit your life without overruling your routine. Having more than a decade of experience, she is determined to help you embrace your imperfections to make you fall in love with yourself again!

Find her at: https://www.niashanks.com/
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15. Kelly Olexa:

Kelly, in 2011, founded FitFluential and now it has become an elixir for more than 300 million people. It is a network of more than 10,000 fitness influencers who share their experiences and passion online. She designs social media marketing campaigns for the brands who are interested in working with influencers. The blogs about subjects ranging from success journeys to fitness and health tips will help you find your ultimate fitness.

Find her at: https://fitfluential.com/
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16. Aleisha Fetters:

Featured in the top magazines worldwide, Aleisha Fetters is a fitness trainer, NSCA-certified coach, and amazingly prolific health and fitness writer. Being trained as a journalist, she brings thoroughly-researched information to her blogs. She feels that the media has demeaned people through fitness information, rather than motivating them. Thriving to bring a change in this idea, her blogs focus on giving strength training and empowerment to women.

Find at: https://www.bornfitness.com/
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17. Sarah:

Sarah is a certified personal trainer with millions of views and thousands of subscribers worldwide on her social media platforms. Her objective is to empower the enthusiasm of women for leading a healthy lifestyle. She compels women to eat the right food and boost their confidence, instead of divesting themselves from social life.

Find her at: http://sarahfit.com/
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18. Gina Lindsay:

Gina, a certified group fitness instructor, started The Fitnessista when she was living in Georgia. After losing 40 lbs, she was looking for healthy food options, which she found lacking. Hence, she started to harvest her own organic produce. Through her blogs, she shares recipes and workouts with her personal training clients. Initially, she started to share the blogs for diet foods and then eventually transitioned into unprocessed foods.

Find her at: https://fitnessista.com
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19. Teresa Marie:

Teresa Marie feels that she is more fit in her late thirties compared to her late twenties. Teresa holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science and has even won 14 marathons. She has 14+ years of experience in the weight loss industry. She believes the key to fitness is in food, hence, she entrusts a light and positive approach to fitness through her coaching.

Find her at: http://teresamariewellness.com
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20. Lindsay:

A mother of two, she has become an inspiration for new moms looking to get back in shape and get back their figure. Her blog covers topics of healthy recipes, nutrition information, and workout tips for new mothers. She aims at breaking the notion that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet is complicated and expensive.

Find her at: https://www.theleangreenbean.com/
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21. Bonnie Pfiester:

Acclaimed as “The Dynamic Duo” by the fitness industry leaders, Bonnie and Steve Pfiester have worked in the fitness industry for 22 years. They work with several brands by sharing workout tips and motivation. While Steve works on transforming bodies, Bonnie provides support, education, and encouragement to the clients. Whether your purpose is to find a new workout or just some empowerment, PfitBlog.com is the best source of inspiration.

Find them at: http://pfitblog.com/
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22. Janae Caroline:

Janae loves to run since she was 12. She has run 9 marathons and several half marathons. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health education and claims herself not an expert. She shares her running experiences, recipes, and workouts that work best for her and willingly offers tips and advice through emails and queries.

Find her at: https://hungryrunnergirl.com/
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23. Megan:

Megan, a food, fashion, and fitness blogger, decided to take control of her weight after her pregnancy. She joined a boot camp, monitored what she ate, and exercised. She didn’t want to be skinny, but she wanted to be fast. Coming close to 42% of her original body weight, she now shares her blogs containing her experiences in life.

Find her at: http://www.skinnymeg.com/
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24. Darya Rose:

A Ph.D. and a trained neuroscientist, Darya Rose reveals that the secret to being healthy is not dieting or heavy exercise, but it is all about cultivating healthy habits that one enjoy. She refers to it as healthstyle. Her blog aims to guide people on developing healthy habits without sacrificing their favorite food. She exclaims that real food and small changes can do wonders for your healthstyle!

Find her at: http://www.summertomato.com/
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25. Katie:

The blog title “Runs For Cookies” says a lot about its content. Katie is a runner, but she also has an extreme love for sweets. Being overweight for a major part of her life, now she takes up running as an exercise of choice. She states that running enables her to eat the food she loves without gaining extra pounds. She shares about her running, diet, and daily activities along with solving reader’s queries through her blogs. She also posts a race report whenever she accomplishes a race.

Find her at: https://www.runsforcookies.com/
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26. Michelle and Lori:

Michelle and Lori, the twin sisters, are entrepreneurs and spiritual wellness coaches. With an aim to motivate women to eat and act with more love and less pity on themselves, they provide quick home workouts and gluten-free, grain-free recipes. Their mission is to aid women to be fit in all areas – physically, mentally and spiritually to reveal their true worth.

Find them at: http://purelytwins.com/
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27. Monica Olivas:

Monica started Run Eat Repeat as a diet log and to document the training for her first marathon. After that, she started to love running and hence, wrote the blogs for people to develop an interest in running. Those who already love running, Monica helps them to keep track, stay motivated, record their races and beat their goals. A certified health coach and running coach, she also shares training plans and recipes.

Find her at: https://runeatrepeat.com/
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28. Tina:

Tina, a 38-year-old wife, and a mother shares her love for food, fitness, and personal wellness through Carrots ‘N’ Cake. After her engagement in 2008, she wanted to tone her body for her wedding, hence, she started reading health blogs. Eventually, she started one of her own where now she shares interesting workouts, beauty tips, and even daily mom-life tips. She also helps her clients to find balance in their diets.

Find them at: https://carrotsncake.com/
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29. Dorothy Beal:

Dorothy, a mother of three children, is a runner and has a soft corner for marathons. She has run 31 marathons and has also been featured in the cover of 3 magazines. Running just clicked to her when she realized that she was overweight during her spring break from college. Running for her is a source to stay fit, beat social anxieties, and boost confidence. Through her blogs, she shares her thoughts on running and life.

Find her at: http://www.mile-posts.com/
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30. Sara:

Sara started The Holy Mess to help women shift their focus to get inclined towards a balanced faith, family, and fitness. Being a pastor’s wife, Sara considers it her obligation to be a pedagogue to women who remain very busy in their daily lives. Sara’s blogs will help you restore your faith in fitness, family, and lifestyle.

Find her at: https://www.theholymess.com
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31. Monica May:

Monica May is a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and a health coach. Her weight loss journey embarked when she decided to take control of her body after feeling uncomfortable with it. Her objective is not only to help women lose weight to fit into the skinny jeans but to feel stronger physically and mentally through her workout regimes and diet plans.

Find her at: http://fitgirlsdiary.com/
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32. Dai Manuel:

Dai Manuel’s early years were filled with sadness and self-loathing that stemmed from being an overweight teenager. He believes that a single moment of realization can bring a lifelong change. Hence, now he challenges people to engage themselves in a healthy lifestyle. He wants to eradicate childhood obesity through parents adopting a healthy lifestyle for their children to follow. He is determined to support the young and old of today through education.

Find him at: https://www.daimanuel.com/
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33. Jess Allen:

Jess Allen started the blog Blonde Ponytail in order to connect with other fitness freak like-minded individuals. Being a coach’s wife, she loves to be challenged physically. During both pregnancies, she remained active and shared prenatal workout routines. An NSCA-CSCS coach, Jess also shares an array of running workouts and home workouts.

Find her at: http://blondeponytail.com/
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34. Kasey:

A fitness, food and health enthusiast, Kasey is on a mission to empower the youth and help women love their bodies while also finding inspiration through fitness and food. You will usually find her cooking and baking. She is a strong believer in being true to oneself. Her motto of life is that if you are true to yourself, abundance follows in all areas of life. Living by this motto, she is proud in helping people to find their balance in life.

Find her at: http://www.powercakes.net/
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35. Jenn Mitchell:

Through Comeback Momma, Jenn Mitchell covers different areas of her life, including family, travel, fitness, and food. Her blogging journey started when she successfully shed her post-baby weight and overcame her postpartum depression twice. Her blogs serve as a medium to share the things that helped her as a woman, wife, and mother at her best. She aims to inspire women to persistently try to find the best within themselves.

Find her at: https://www.comebackmomma.com/
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36. Christina Russell:

www.bodyrebooted.com shares gluten-free recipes along with fitness, fashion, and family. Devasted from a late miscarriage, Christina divulged in the state of depression, anxiety, and weight gain. Realizing that her state is affecting her family, she got a wake-up call. She set off on a journey to better herself through a yoga program and a gluten-free diet. Being certified nutrition, wellness, and personal trainer, she helps others to start their own journey to win their health.

Find her at: https://bodyrebooted.com/
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37. Lisa Gulley:

Workout mommy is designed especially for health and fitness of moms. As sparing time for themselves seems a challenging task, the blog helps to keep them motivated. Lisa was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a marathon runner. She calls herself a total fitness junkie. After being a single mom to four kids, she found it hard to find time for herself. So, her goal is to guide moms on fitting exercise and health in their busy day!

Find her at: http://workoutmommy.com/
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38. Josie Elizabeth:

Yum Yucky is focused on achieving health goals without sacrificing your favorite food. Josie, a mom of four, shares motivation, workouts, healthy recipes and following them with a stress-free approach.

Find her at: https://www.yumyucky.com/

39. Samantha Rowland:

Bites of Wellness is a space where you will find global recipes that are nutritious, low in fat, and easy to prepare. The recipes are free and aim to help people to live their best. Samantha owns a healthy catering company and a women’s focused gym through which she tries to reach as many women as possible. Coaching to lead a successfully balanced life, she exclaims an occasional glass of wine can be sipped to spoil yourself!

Find her at: https://bitesofwellness.com/
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40. Rebecca Scritchfield:

A strong believer of body positivity, Samantha reckons that there is more to life than weight loss and physical appearance. It’s a blog to enhance your health, without being judgemental of strict food diets and melodrama of resolutions. Body Kindness revolves around awareness, self-compassion, and mindfulness, that comprise as main ingredients for weight loss. She opens up exclaiming that her blog does not imply to diet!

Find her at: https://www.bodykindnessbook.com/
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41. Susan Arruda:

Susan has been training for 35 years. In her late 40s, she is now an author, model, swimming and fitness instructor, certified lifeguard and personal trainer. Training clients from 19 to 74 years of age, she maintains a very high fitness level. She says there is no “off-season” for fitness level. She shares videos which are just variations of workouts for women and says there are no “secrets” in it.

Find her at: http://susanarruda.com/
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42. Angela:

Angela is a health and fitness junkie focusing on the clinical part of fitness in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation for over 15 years. At the age of 39, she says she had issues with her weight all her life. She made variations in her diet and lost 30 pounds! Pregnancy did not stop her from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her love for running, working out and practicing yoga grew and gave her an impetus to help people by sharing her expertise. On her blog, she shares her fitness expertise, healthy recipes and much more.

Find her at: http://www.happyfitmama.com/
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43. Nicole:

The fitness fanatic spreads her love towards fitness by being a personal trainer to people and blogging about her own fitness journey. According to Nicole, food is an experience and thus, she finds happiness in discovering healthy versions of unhealthy dishes. Check out her blog Fitful Focus to realize new passions by stepping outside the box!

Find her at: https://fitfulfocus.com/
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44. Jessi Kneeland:

Jessi Kneeland is a coach, teacher, speaker, and writer who helps women love their bodies. She experienced absolute discomfort in her own body. So, after hours of emotional healing through lifting weights, education, therapy, coaching, etc. she discovered self-love. Her unique training model helps women get free from body image issues and attain a level of self-acceptance. She is passionate about helping women to love their bodies and not change them.

Find her at: https://jessikneeland.com/
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45. Kenlie:

Once Kenlie lost 100 pounds and during the journey, she realized the need for a change. Her blog started to inspire people to bring the change they desire in themselves. Being a believer in the Almighty, you will find some of her blogs where she talks about her relationship with God and all the things she is grateful for. She loves spending time in every way with the people whom she loves.

Find her at: http://alltheweigh.com
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46. Vinnie:

Vinnie is set to bring a transformation in the lives of the people through her blogs. She takes pride in bringing positive changes in her clients. When Vinnie is the coach, there have been instances that her clients have achieved a weight loss of as much as 4.6 pounds in the first week itself. The fitness blogger works with the sole purpose of helping her clients who can undergo a six-week masterclass which is absolutely free.

Find her at: http://weightlosstipsandtricks.org/
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47. Heather Shugarman:

The goal of Healthy Living Blogs by Heather Shugarman is to support the already existing community of health enthusiasts. The blog serves as a common space for like-minded people to come together and inspire people to get committed towards a healthy living. Accompanying people of similar interests keep you motivated towards your health goals. On HLB, you will find articles related to health tips, news, and healthy recipes.

Find her at: http://healthylivingblogs.com/
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48. Abby:

Abby is a teacher, a social media influencer and a running coach who is on a mission to coach people achieve their fitness goals through running. In her blog, Back at Square Zero, she documents her interest in two extremely different areas which are social media and running. Her spirit to never quit has inspired many people and her love for helping people to work smart has grown with time.

Find her at: http://www.backatsquarezero.com
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49. Cookie Rosenblum:

‘Real Weight Loss for Real women’ is penned by Cookie Rosenblum who, through her blogs, aims to empower women and help them bid goodbye to frustration and embarrassment arising due to being overweight. She has been a coach to many women for 20 years. Her training methods are a blend of brain science, psychology, life coaching, and life experience. In the course of her coaching career, she has gained an expertise in providing weight loss training to individuals and helped people combat the habit of emotional eating.

Find her at: https://realweightlossrealwomen.com
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50. Nicole:

Cuckoolemon is written by Nicole Haber, who is on her fitness journey and documents each of her adventures on her fitness blog. She loves to explore information on fitness and shares her insights. She starts her day early at 5 am to fulfill her passion to workout. The fitness fanatic attempts to keep her blog as fresh and realistic as possible which makes people to easily make a connection.

Find her at: https://cuckoolemon.com
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In the rush for materialistic gains, people forget to focus on their health and the diet they consume. Keeping a balance between their busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle is what they overlook. These 50 bloggers can help you to draw your attention towards making fitness goals. As you have read their motivation stories, all you need is to get in touch with them through their blogs or social media links.

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